This FAQ is for those who have purchased iPads through IDEXX SmartFlow and are updated through our Device Management software - MDM. If you have purchased iPads for your clinic yourself, then this will not be an appropriate FAQ for you. 

Below is the step-by-step process.  If you would prefer to follow along with a video please click HERE.  (The video goes for about 6mins.)  If you are following along on the Video - you will need your User Name and the Password --  That information is shown below.

When you first get your iPads and turn them on, the first few steps will be to set up your region and language:

The next screen will ask if you want to Quick Start your iPad set up. You Do Not want to do this, down at the bottom there is a Set up Manually option, please click that instead.


Next, you will need to select and sign in to your WiFi at the clinic. After you successfully sign in to your WiFi, it will take a few moments to activate your iPad, then a screen will come up asking you to share your Data. Please hit Continue on this screen to share information:

Next, there will be a Remote Management screen that will come up. 

This is where you sign in with your SmartFlow email (the email that is the #1 User on your User page in Settings- this is the email you have registered for your clinic with SmartFlow).


and you will use the password $martfloW1 

**If you get a user name or password not recognized error.  Try one more time:  be careful putting in the User Name and Password.  If you get the error again, reach out to SmartFlow Support!  A simple reset of the user name and password maybe needed.**

The next screen will be an Accept Terms screen.  Scroll/Read through Terms, Click that you have read and Accept the Terms, then Click Continue.

After you have signed in, the screen will go to a configuration screen for a few moments while it starts to download data from our MDM site. 

At this point, the process is going and you can walk away! 

The time has come for a coffee break and you can let our MDM service take over the rest! At this point our Device Management software will work in the background changing settings to our specifications, deleting unnecessary apps, and downloading the required App for SmartFlow. It will also change a number of settings to lock down the iPads so things cannot be fiddled with unnecessarily.  

Your MDM iPad is successfully configured if:

  • You see a number of installed applications, such as SmartFlow, App Catalog, Chrome, and Webex.

Do Not Have TO have an Apple ID to finish the setup.

NOTE: If you do not have any of these applications please contact us, as we will need to correct that.

Then please set up your clinic's email account to the iPad.

Finally, back out to the main screen (hit the home button), open up SmartFlow, and sign in to your SmartFlow account (please find more details HERE)! 

From now on you are set up and ready to go! 

We hope you found this information useful!