You can create the anesthetic sheet for any patient once they are in Smart Flow. 

Go to Menu > Anesthetic Sheet and fill out the pre-operative page and hit "SAVE". 

  • It can be re-accessed at any time by following the same steps.
  • Once the anesthetic sheet is open, the pre-operative sheet can be found again at that point by clicking Menu > Preoperative

To save even more time, your anesthesiologist can also create templates for different protocols they might choose. This is done by selecting  Edit > Menu > Save as Template.

Then, you can select that template, where all of the typical drug doses are already entered. 

  • Even if you choose a template, you can still edit all the doses if desired. 

Then, you can use that base template to make templates with different protocols (i.e. Propofol induction vs. Ketamine Valium)

NOTE: If you would like to create anesthetic sheets for patients that are not yet in the hospital, an option is to create a "next day" Whiteboard/department to put Smart Flow in prior to their arrival. To create a new Whiteboard please refer to THIS FAQ.