Yes, you can create the anesthetic sheet for any patient once they are in Smart Flow, and start it later. 


NOTE: The Anesthetic Sheet can be created and used only on the iPad.

For this, go to Menu (...) > Anesthetic Sheet, fill out the pre-operative page and press SAVE (please find more details HERE):

NOTE: It can be re-accessed at any time by following the same steps. Once the Anesthetic Sheet is open, the pre-operative sheet can be found again at that point by clicking Menu (...) > Preoperative.

Then add the required parameters to the Anesthetic Sheet.

To save even more time, your anesthesiologist can also prepare templates for different protocols they might choose. We recommend you to customize base templates, then enter Editing Mode > menu (...) > Save as Template. Later, you can select that template, where all of the typical drug doses are already entered. Even if you choose a template, you can still edit all the doses, add/remove parameters and medication according to your needs. 

NOTE: If you would like to create an Anesthetic Sheet for patients that are not in the hospital yet, please create the Next day Whiteboard to put Smart Flow in prior to their arrival. To create a new Whiteboard please refer to THIS FAQ.

We hope you found this information useful!