Do you have problems when an owner arrives to collect their pet, but they're still sat in the cage waiting for the IV catheter to be removed & medications to be prepared?

This is a common problem!

Smart Flow can help you manage this, as detailed below:

Have a line on every treatment sheet called 'Discharge Checklist':

When you speak to the owner & schedule a collection time, highlight the cell for one hour before the collection time:

This will prompt you to start preparing the patient for discharge one hour before the owner arrives. You can then add workflow or change the patient's template to include your Discharge workflow:

By displaying a patient on multiple whiteboards you can still be prompted when their treatments are due, but also have them displayed on a Discharge whiteboard so that you can clearly start working through the Discharge workflow & ensuring the patient is ready to go home on time:


Remember that the owner's experience when collecting their pet is also the memory that they will take home & talk to other people about!