Sometimes there is no time to calculate the dosage for a drug that must be administered in an emergency, and it is preferred to have this calculation done ahead of time.


By creating a parameter to use as a section divider on your Anesthetic Sheet templates (thus clearly defining that these drugs are to be administered in the event of an emergency), you can save your emergency drugs to the template and have them displayed in MLS calculated on that patient's weight. See the example below:

To set this up, please follow these steps:

1. Create a parameter called "*****EMERG DRUGS*****" (How do I edit or add to my parameters?) and give it a concentration of 1 dose per dose.

2. Add this parameter to your Anesthetic Sheet (If you already have templates, ensure you create the Anesthetic sheet from a template), as well as any drugs you'd like to have listed. Be sure to enter dosages, and select "Display Total (ml)" (How do I select the medication units?).

3. Save your Anesthetic Sheet as a template (How do I create an anesthetic sheet template?).

If you do end up administering one of these medications, you can just initial off the box or specify the quantity given to ensure this is recorded in the medical record and on the billing PDF!

We hope you found this information useful!