Picker Lists will prompt to pick a Billable Item

We had a feature request to add a dropdown list of existing parameters to a new 'Parent' parameter to create a Picker List. You will have the ability to select from a defined set of parameters in a drop down and have the client be charged accordingly. 

So if you have a parameter of 'Catheter' set up with a picker list of various gauges (ex 5Fr, 6Fr or 7Fr): 

When this parameter is added onto a flowsheet, and you press the cell, you will be prompted to select one of the gauges from a drop-down menu. The item will then be sent to your billing report (you will see the green triangle is present to indicate the item is billable).

To set these up, you will go to 'Settings' -> 'Parameters', then '+ Add New' to add a new parameter:

Name the parameter accordingly (see the 'Catheter' example below).

In the 'Picker type' field, select 'Picker List' from the drop-down menu. 

You can add unlimited existing parameters to a picker list. 

Hit "SAVE".

Please note that the parameters you select will have to have been already created, as well as mapped appropriately if you have an integrated EMR;

Medications will not work with Picker Lists. 

Billing will be determined by the parameter within the picker list, so ensure that the parameter itself has the billing set to 'ON' or 'OFF'. 

Also please note that these picker lists will not be available on the Anesthetic Preoperative page.