To set the desired number of Flowsheet days while creating your patient, please, follow the steps below:

From the web

Click on the Show More Information button:

Scroll down till you see the Number of Flowsheets field > enter the required number of flowsheets for this patient > then click Done to create a new patient:

From the iPad

When creating a patient, go to the General tab and enter the required No of the Flowsheets:

NOTE: If the Number of Flowsheets was changed during the patient creation, this value will be saved as a default Flowsheet number for all upcoming patients created from both the web and iPad. For example, if we create the patient as in the screenshot above, the default flowsheet number will stay 2 until you create another patient and change the Number of the Flowsheets. Thus it becomes the new default value for the account.

Click Save once completed.

In case your account is integrated with any PIMS, please, click HERE for more information.

We hope you found this information useful!