Previously, the ability to map new EMR inventory items to Smart Flow has only been available from the web. You now will have the ability to map these items from the iPad in the same way. 

Should an item you require not already be mapped from your EMR into Smart Flow, you will be able to do this now as you go, by adding it to the flow sheet in 2 different ways. 

1. If you know that an item is new and needs to mapped over from your EMR to Smart Flow, simply choose the section you require this item to be in, click on the "+" as if you were going to add an item to the flowsheet. From here you will now notice an "Add EMR item" at the top of the list. Simply click on this and you will be prompted to add the item in the same manner you did from the web! 

This screen will then pop up to enter the new parameter information. 

2. If you are not sure if an item you require has already been mapped from your EMR or not, click on "+" of the section you want to add the item to. From here you will start to type in the name of the item you require. If this item has not already been added or mapped you will then have the option to add/map at that time, it will then become available for future use. 


The bonus to being able to add medications in this way is the ability to map items as you use Smart Flow, saving a lot of time. Items that we name in Smart Flow are not always the same as items we have named in our EMR, to read more about naming inventory items, click HERE. 

After some time all items that are routinely used should now be mapped and included in Smart Flow inventory, any leftover inventory items that are not routinely used can be hidden from view in your Smart Flow Parameter Settings.