Once you have your fluids added to the flowsheet you can use the Medication section to add your drugs for a CRI (Constant Rate Infusion). 

First, add new CRI medication, for example, DobutaminePlease, make sure you set the CRI option to YESThe billing will be sent back to the PIMS/EMR (if you are connected to any) only if this medication setup as a billable item (with Billing toggle to ON):

Since you have identified the drug as a CRI, you will be able to display the Dosage and Total dose in ml per hour/minute. 


In case you are already connected to PIMS/EMR and want to add CRI administration fee then, the best way to track these charges is by adding them to the procedure section. We recommend you to create a new billable parameter:


Then add it to the flowsheet, and once a CRI has been started, please execute this parameter (entering the initials to the cell) to bill a CRI Admin fee in your PIMS/EMR:

We hope you found this information useful!