Once you have your fluids added to the flowsheet you can use the medication section to add your drugs for a CRI (Constant Rate Infusion). 

First, go into the "Editing mode" tap "Add" a new medication, for example, Dobutamine.

Then, make sure you set the "CRI" option to "Yes" and click "Done".

Since you have identified the drug as a CRI, you will be able to display the dosage, total ml per hour or minute on the flowsheet. This will also send the billing back to the EMR, provided you have the drug setup as a billable item.

In regards to the CRI admin fee, the best way to track these charges is by adding them to the procedure section. Once a CRI has been started the nurse/tech will initial the cell as you see below and this will tell EMR to bill a CRI Admin fee.

Here is a link to a video about this feature.