At times, the iPads could be offline or not synced at the moment that new flowsheets are created (more details can be found HERE). This may cause delay in data transfer or duplicate sheets that are created for a patient. To prevent such instances from occuring it's crucial to make sure all iPads are synced and online. 

This can be done by simply adjusting your settings, on the iPad, go into Settings > General > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock :


Choose the best option from the list (we would recommend to set it to 10 Minutes):

With the Auto-lock option set to 10 minutes, as long as you stay in the Smart Flow app, Smart Flow will sync pretty much all of the time (it will sync with every action that happens on that particular iPad, or every 25 seconds automatically if the iPad is idle).

NOTE: Please avoid turning off Smart Flow app or switching to another app.