There is a possibility to add notes, instructions or comments when using an Anesthetic Sheet. As always, you can add a note to a specific treatment parameter/treatment cell or a general note to the entire treatment. 

Notes to the entire treatment 

We recommend adding notes on the intraoperative page to keep general comments on the procedure. Such notes will be saved directly in the technical Notes section and in the Notes PDF.

To add a note, tap the Notes icon:

Enter your note in a pop-up window and hit Add Note to add other notes (you can add as much notes as you need), or Done to complete:

Please find more details HERE.

Notes to a specific parameter or treatment cell 

In addition, you can add a note to the entire parameter that will serve as a reminder and appears each time the technician executes this treatment. 

To add a note in this case, please enter the Editing Mode, click the parameter's name, enter the instructions, set the highlighting color, and click Done. Then exit the Editing Mode by clicking the floppy disk icon to apply changes: 

This is how this note appears when you tap and hold the cell to execute the parameter:

Also, it is possible to add a single note to any cell during the anesthesia. Please tap and hold the required cell, enter your comments and tap Done to save:

NOTE: You may add and view notes any time during the anesthesia:

However, you cannot add and see them for charting vitals from the graphic view, so you need to switch the presentation view back:

Please find more information on adding notes to the specific parameter or treatment cell HERE.

 We hope you found this information useful!