In order to create a new parameter in the Monitoring section of the Anesthetic sheet, you need to go to the Editing mode first: 

Then, scroll down to locate the Monitoring section and tap on the plus (+) button right next to it:

When the list of monitoring parameters pops up, search through it and choose the parameter you would like to add to the Anesthesia Sheet. You may also use the keyboard to start typing the name of the parameter and the app will automatically identify and show it to you: 

Smart Flow will give you an opportunity to type in your custom parameter as well. For example, on the screenshot below, the iPad keypad was used to add Recumbency to the section. After you set the Start at (o'clock), Continue every (hours) and Billing options, press Done:

Please don't forget to press the floppy disk button in the top right corner to save all the changes you have made. 

NOTE: It is possible to add new parameters to any other Anesthetic Sheet section following the above steps.

We hope you found this information useful!