We completely understand how hectic things can get with high numbers of patients. Unfortunately, the colors of the Whiteboard that signify the treatments can be yellow only, but you may filter your patients in a few other ways:

1. Use the Filter feature. This feature allows you to choose which areas on your flowsheets are the priority and change the way they are highlighted on your Whiteboard. You could choose which group of treatments to keep highlighted on your whiteboard by switching OFF/ON buttonTo access this feature, go to your Whiteboard, then from the options section on the right pick Filter. Please click here for a detailed outline.

2. Assign colors to high priority patients. You could change a designated color for the high priority patients that the clinic agrees on, and make them more visible to the staff when doing treatments. 

To do that, go to the Edit Patient section:

Pick your color of Highlighting:

NOTE: An eye-dropper & color-picker tool allows you to select any color values you wish.

For more details, please click HERE.