We recommend utilizing individual logins and passwords to access Smart Flow. This can ensure access limitation to the main clinic's account corresponds to the preset user role (find more details HERE) as well as some additional benefits. However, to log into any of your iPads it is reasonable to use the email address for your main account along with this formula:



Please note that this will take the device out of login use, if it remains idle for 10 minutes, without having to logout and log back in each time (discover how to adjust your auto logout settings HERE). All the iPads logged into the main account in that way will use one preset iPad Account password, so for everyone's convenience we recommend leaving the password unchanged

In case you have some reason to change the default password for all iPads, please login to your Smart Flow account from the web version, go Settings > Security and edit the password:

NOTE: Please always keep all the password changes in your records. Also we kindly ask you to notify your CSM about the changes made so that it will be possible to access your iPad account, when necessary, without asking you to provide the password first.

From the Security section it is also possible to Enable security and Enable editing mode on the iPad by turning the option ON/OFF.