Smart Flow allows you to schedule treatments with the maximum frequency as once per 24 hours. But of course, we understand that sometimes patients might be prescribed with medications that are delivered less frequently than that (e.g., every two days). For those cases we recommend the following workaround: 

Add the medication / treatment to a patient's flowsheet, indicating the required frequency in the Instructions / Notes section and the start date:

From the web
From the iPad

You may select none for the highlighting frequency option, and then manually highlight the treatment on the proper hospitalization day. However, without highlighting, it is quite possible to miss the treatment, that's why we recommend setting Continue every (hours) to 24, and then manually remove / shift all the highlighted cells from the flowsheet on the days in between when it is not required:

NOTE: No matter what frequency you need to set up, just add an Instruction Note to the parameter and alert the staff how much time is required for a certain medication (q3d or q72hrs). However, if you need to give medication, for example every 32 hours (and this is critical for a patient), we suggest adding a few days to the template and setting the highlighting manually for the upcoming days. It can be difficult to predict the hospitalization duration, so its worth to fill the frequency instruction as mentioned above. If you notice that some hospitalization days are no longer required, please follow the steps described HERE to delete them.

ALSO NOTE: Sometimes, it can be necessary to execute treatment several times per hour, which also can't be scheduled in Smart Flow directly, please see THIS workaround for this case.

We hope you found this information useful!