Using the medication calculator helps minimize errors and definitely save your time. The medication calculator is preset to appear for every medication on your parameter listing and can be used to calculate appropriate doses for each medication administered to your patients. 

When adding or editing any medication parameter in the patient's Flowsheet, you can adjust your Dosage and the medication calculator will automatically calculate the Total Dose which you can choose to administer either in Total (mg) or Total (ml):

On the other hand, it is possible to do the reverse. If you know the Total dose you would like to administer for a specific treatment strategy, you can enter the Total number of mg or ml in the Total dosage section and the Dosage will automatically be calculated:

NOTE: For proper calculation, please check the patient weight before adding medication. If the patient’s weight has been changed, please follow THESE steps to ensure that the dosage is recalculated for all active medications.

It is important that the  Concentration and Dosage have the same unit of measure, otherwise, the calculator will be unavailable:

We hope you found this information useful!