There is a great option to add a picture or even a video to any Flowsheet or Anesthetic Sheet cell to demonstrate treatment. 

NOTE: The following actions can be done only from the iPad. 

1. Simply press and hold a cell you wish to add a picture or a video to, then chose the camera button on the upper left corner of the pop-up window:

2. Select Video or Photo and press the record button. You can use the iPad's main or front camera: 

3. Once you are satisfied with your recording, click Use Photo / Use Video button to save it to the cell. If necessary, you can also choose the Retake option to overwrite it:

4. Cells with media attached will be displayed with a camera icon so you can click on it to view the content:

NOTE: All photos and videos will also be available from the SmartFlow web version. Please right-click the required cell to watch the content.

This is great functionality for documenting not only the patient but also the progression of neurological cases and blood work results.

In addition, you can enter a
Note to the cell or add a signature to indicate doctor's approval.

All pictures will be shown in the Note reports and will be still available after the discharge (find more information HERE):

However, videos will not be saved automatically, so we strongly recommend that you save them manually by following THESE steps to prevent any data loss.

NOTE: Please be aware, that if you add multiple photos or videos to the same cell, they will be overwritten, so only the last one will be available. 

Also keep in mind that once a picture or video has been added, you cannot delete it. Instead, you can take another blank record to the same cell and it will be replaced automatically, or simply add a note that this photo or video was taken by accident and no longer valid.

NOTE: The first time you take a photo, it will sync with all computers and iPads; however if you retake the photo, the photo will not sync with the other iPads (just with web version) and will need to be re-taken on the other iPads as well. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope to change this behavior in the near future.

We hope you found this information useful!