Using the Flowsheet on the iPad you may notice that unlike the web version there are two modes available - Treatment and Editing. This is very useful since it protects you from making any accidental changes to the treatment template during the patients treatment. 

Once you open the patient Flowsheet, you access the Treatment mode where you can perform all the monitoring and treatment activities, fluid therapy, give medication and perform procedures. You can also add Notes and complete any Workflow tasks in this mode. However if you need to make some changes to the template, add additional treatments, medications, and tasks please go to the Editing mode (by pressing on the pencil like icon):

While in the Editing mode, please make sure that you are on the day you would like to change. In this mode it is possible to:

- add any required parameter via + button under Monitoring, Activity, Fluid, Medication, Procedure, as well as Workflow sections;

- delete any unnecessary parameters or tasks;

- change the parameter order, frequency, and highlighting;

Once completed, click the save button and you will automatically be returned to the Treatment mode:

NOTE: Review the navigation bar icons and all the options available in both Treatment and Editing HERE.