Have you accidentally deleted one of the diet parameters in your Smart Flow settings? Fear not! There is a way to restore this.

Go to 'Settings' (Top Right), 


Next, click on 'Parameters' and 'Add New' (or rename). All of the Hill's, Royal Canin and Purina calculators are "name-sensitive", so a parameter must have the exact name of the commercial food varieties.  

 Name: Diet or Diet Hill's or Diet Purina or Diet Royal Canin

Make sure that it's picker type and section are set properly like described below:

 Section: Activity
 Picker type: Dropdown
 Options: +, ++, +++

After you have added them to your parameters, make sure you chose the required picker type, press 'Save' and sync your iPad to check that the calculators are working.

You will then see a window for Update Active Flowsheets. When applying changes to the parameter on Settings / Parameters it will ALWAYS be applied both to the existing and new patients.