Setting up Critical values for each patient can be essential for your patients treatment or life support. Critical values warn you when a monitoring parameter is out of range, this feature is made easy on Smart Flow. 

NOTE: The Critical values feature can be used only for the parameters with the Numeric Picker type selected: 

Please check this, while creating a new parameter or update the existing parameter accordingly.

To set up / update Critical values from your flowsheet, select the flowsheet of patient that you would like to set a Critical value and follow the steps below:

From the web

Click on the required parameter (e.g. Temperature) > set the upper - High and lower - Low limits for Critical values > then click Done to save changes:

From the iPad

Go into Editing Mode by clicking on the pencil icon the upper right corner > select a parameter you would like to set a Critical value for (e.g. Temperature) > set the upper - High and lower - Low limits for Critical values > tap Done to save changes:

Once ready please tap the floppy disk icon to exit the Editing Mode.

Thereafter, when a value is entered that is out of the range you have set, you will get a pop-up notification on both the iPad and the web to warn you that this value is a critical value:

On the web

On the iPad

NOTE: Make sure your browser notifications are turned ON in order to get these notifications.

Also this value will be highlighted in red on the patient's flowsheet, so that you will be focused on each critical deviations for the parameter.

Please note that besides setting up critical values for patients individually, these critical values can be preset for any treatment template, and thus used as standard values for a particular patient. For example a surgery monitoring template can have critical values for parameters like HR, Temperature, Pulse, so that all the Critical values will be preset for any patient with this template selected, and there will be no need to manually insert critical values for every surgical patient.

We hope you found this information useful!