The Diet Calculator has several parameters that affect the calculation of the patient's diet: patient weight, RER Calories, Condition Factor, and Calories per cup:

All these parameters can be customized to suit your needs, however, for your convenience, we always suggest some initial values:

  • RER Calories (Resting Energy Requirements value) is calculated automatically in Smart Flow by multiplying the patient's body weight in kilograms raised to the ¾ power by 70.

  • Condition Factor has a predefined value of 1.2, which is based on maintenance requirements for the average neutered adult patient. However, you are welcome to make changes whatever you would like for the patient. Please use the table below for reference (taken from DVM360):

  • Calories per cup are defined for some default food brands (such as Hill's, Purina, or Royal Canin), but you can also create your own generic diet by changing the Calories per cup value. Please note the standard cup size of 8oz / 250ml / 16 tablespoons.

To customize parameters, please tap the required field and change the value.

NOTE: All the diet and medication calculations are based on the patient's weight, so please make sure the value is entered correctly in the Patient Information section.

We hope you found this information useful!