Due to the limited amount of space on the iPad, the name of medications get shortened, cutting off some information.  When entering inventory items into Smart Flow, we have two needs to meet: 

1) Need flow sheet to show concentration of the drug 

2) Need the full name of the medication on the medical record for legal/record keeping purposes.  

With these needs in mind, there are 3 scenarios we will go through, using Pimobendan as an example.  It can come in different concentrations per tablet/capsule (1.25 mg or 2.5 mg).  So, to put Pimobendan on the flowsheet, we could do one of three things.

1) Scenario 1 - Shorten the name. Let's say we enter the name of the medication into SFS as "Pimob 1.25".  It would show up on the flowsheet as follows:

This meets our requirements from need #1 to have the concentration show up on the flowsheet for the tech. The technician can see that they have to grab the 1.25 mg tablets instead of the 2.5 mg.

However, if we shorten the name to Pimob 1.25, it will show up on the medical record like this which does not meet our #2 need of having the full name on the medical record:



2) Scenario 2 - Put the concentration last. If we enter the medication in as "Pimobendan 1.25", which will show up like this on the flowsheet:

This does not meet our need to have the concentration visible to the tech on the flow sheet.  Here, the tech would have to click on the medication to see if they are to give 0.5 tabs of the 1.25 or 2.5 mg tabs.  This option will show up on the medical record like this, which
 does meet our need #2 as the full name is in the medical record:


3) Scenario 3- Put the concentration first. Neither scenarios 1 or 2 meet both of our needs, so we came up with scenario 3 which we think is the ideal situation.  Put in the medication as 1.25 Pimobendan.  It will appear on the flow sheet like this:

Concentration is on the flow sheet, great! The name still gets shortened to "Pimob" on the flow sheet to make it fit, but because we put the whole name into the system, it will show up on the medical records as follows:

 Full name on the medical record, perfect!

As you can see, Scenario 3, putting the concentration first, is the best option.