Considering the size of an iPad screen, parameter names are often get shortened in order to fit them on the flowsheet. Usually, the name of procedures, activities, and monitoring parameters are not affected, but medication titles could be quite long, and some letters will get cut off (the complete name will not be displayed on the screen). We understand the need to see as much information as possible about the medication being used but we also try to minimize the risk of any uncertainties. That's why instead of shortening the parameter's title we recommend putting the concentration before the medication name.

When entering inventory items into Smart Flow, there are two main requirements: 

1. The concentration of the drug needs to be visible on the flowsheet.

2. For legal/record keeping purposes a Medical Record must contain the full name of the medication.

With these requirements in mind, let's go through the following three options, using Pimobendan (1.25 mg or 2.5 mg) as an example:

1. Shorten the name

When we enter a shortened name of the medication into SmartFlow, i.e. Pimob 1.25, it would show on the flowsheet as following:

This meets our requirements to have the concentration visible on the flowsheet. Technicians can see that they have to take 1.25 mg tablets instead of the 2.5 mg. However, if we shorten the name to Pimob 1.25, it does not meet the requirement of having the full name on the Medical Record:

2. Put the concentration last

If we enter the medication in as Pimobendan 1.25 it will look on the flowsheet like this:

This option does meet the requirement of having the full name on the Medical Record but the concentration isn't visible on the flowsheet and technicians would have to click on the medication to see the concentration.

3. Put the concentration first

Neither the first nor the second option meet both of the requirements, so for the third option we'd like to recommend entering the medication as 1.25 Pimobendan tab, it will appear on the flowsheet like this:

The concentration is visible on the flowsheet and although the name still gets shortened to Pimob, but because we put the whole name into the system, it will show properly on the Medical Record:

This is why putting the concentration first is the most effective option.

We hope you found this information useful!