At this time, there is no option to enter multiple catheters at once (you can find more information on how to initially add a catheter in the article How to Add an IV Catheter to a Patient?). But of course, we understand that it might be necessary to install more than one catheter to the same patient, so we offer you the following workaround: 

1. Since most catheters are installed on the same day, you may create a Replace/Change Catheters parameter:

And then add it to the Procedure section of the patient's flowsheet:

2. If the second catheter is placed on a different day than the first one, you can create one more parameter (e.g. Replace the RC (Right Cephalic) catheter), and add it under Procedure section on the day the catheter is required (you can read more on how to add more days of hospitalization HERE):

You can add as many additional parameters as you need, we also recommend to indicate its location and size in the title or Instruction / Notes section, so it's easier to distinguish them:

From the web

From the iPad


We hope you found this information useful!