You can now edit a parameter to customize it completely to your practice!  In this example, we will add "None" as an option in the drop-down list for Defecation.  

First, go to "Settings" on your web account:

On the left-hand side of the page, click on Parameters.  Search for the parameter you wish to edit (for example, defecation).  Click the check mark next to the name of the parameter and then "Edit selected":

You can now choose the "Picker type" (ie drop-down menu, initials, numeric value, group) and can add options to whichever picker you choose.  In this example, we chose Dropdown as our Picker and want to add "None" as an option.  Type your new option in and PRESS ENTER and then click Update.  ***If you do not press enter and simply click "Update", it will not save your new option.*** You may add more new options if you wish, or press the red "X" next to existing options to delete them.

You will then see a window for Update Active Flowsheets. When applying changes to the parameter on Settings / Parameters it will ALWAYS be applied both to the existing and new patients.

Now your new options will appear on the flow sheet!