The only software required to run Smart Flow, is the FREE app downloaded from the App Store.  

For hardware, you'll require one or more iPads (see how to decide how many iPads you'll need here) and a TV mounted in each treatment area you require a whiteboard in.  It is also advisable that you invest in a durable case for each of the iPads as they will be used cage-side.  We recommend Survivor brand cases as they have proven to be very sturdy in our real-life use of Smart Flow!

To connect Smart Flow to your TV, you can use an existing computer, or we recommend an Intel Compute Stick, with a wireless keyboard (with mouse):

Compute Stick (wifi)

Compute Stick (ethernet)


We recommend always selecting from the most current iPads, 9.7" or greater screen size. You can find the most current iPads at this link.