The only extra hardware required to run SmartFlow is either a computer or an iPad. Normally, you'll require one or more iPads (see how to decide how many iPads you'll need here) and a TV mounted in each treatment area you require a whiteboard in. Also, it will be sufficient to have a minimal configuration with wi-fi support in your practice.

We advise you to use an iPad of more recent versions - 9.7" or greater screen size. You can find the most current iPads using this link. It is also advisable that you invest in a durable case for each of the iPads as they will be used frequently. We recommend Survivor brand cases as they have proven to be very sturdy based on our experience with SmartFlow!

Regarding the TV, this is a matter of preference, you can use any TV you prefer. Our only recommendation is that it should be Full-HD 1920 × 1080. You can connect it to the computer with HDMI, DVI or even VGA. Please first check that your computer supports HDMI or DVI, and then select the TV screen. To connect SmartFlow to your TV, you can use an existing computer, or we recommend an Intel Computer Stick with a wireless keyboard (with a mouse). Here are some examples that can be helpful: Compute Stick (wi-fi), Compute Stick (ethernet), KeyboardOnce you have the set up the extended screen mode, you will be able to view the SmartFlow Whiteboard on the TV screen in real-time.

All this hardware will need to be purchased by the clinic, other than that, everything is included. 

The only software required to run SmartFlow on both web and iPad versions is the FREE app downloaded from the App Store. Please find the appropriate subscription plan to suit your needs so that you can take advantage of all the SmartFlow features.

We hope you found this information useful!