Due to space limitations with the cells on the flow sheet, only the first few characters of any note that is written are visible.  To view the full note on the flowsheet, simply tap the cell that has the note in it and a window will pop up with the full note displayed (See pictures below):

If you need to add more to the note, press and hold the cell with the note in it and a window will pop up where you can edit the note:

All notes will show up on the medical record and notes PDF when you discharge the patient:

NOTE: The notes could be also found in the Notes section of the flowsheet on both iPad (by pressing Note) and desktop version (more about this option on the desktop version you can find HERE). Once it's put into a cell then you can find a time stamp and the parameter name before the note:

Note section also contains all finalized forms. They could be easily differentiated by a specific "Forms" icon that appears before the note. This icon and the line "*** form was created" also include a hypertext link, allowing to open that form through the notes section. All you need to do is to click on any of them and then Smart Flow system will turn you to the finalized form: