If you want to delete a Treatment Template that is no longer used, please follow the steps below:

From the web

You will first need to have administrative permissions to access the settings menu from the web. Click the user icon in the top right corner and go to Settings > Treatment Templates, this will bring up a list of your current templates both fixed and non-fixed times:

To delete a template from here simply click on the x button next to the required template name and confirm  by clicking YES in the pop-up window: 

Thereafter, the Treatment Template will be removed from your account.

From the iPad

Open any patient > go to the Editing Mode by tapping the pencil-like Edit button > then tap on the additional options  button ... in the top right corner of the patient flowsheet >  choose Change Template from the drop-down menu:

Tap the Treatment Template field > find a template to delete in the list > press and slide on the name to the left until the Delete button appears:

Finally, tap on the Delete button. 

NOTE: You WON'T be asked to confirm your action after pressing the Delete button. 

We hope you found this information useful!