If you want to clean up your template options, it is very simple to delete any you do not use. The explanation that is listed below relates to both, treatment and anesthetic template.  

From the iPad choose any patient. Tap "Edit" in the top right corner of the patient flowsheet:


Next, tap "Menu" choose "Change Template" from the drop-down menu


Select a template


Finally, SLIDE the name of the template that you wish to delete to the left until you see the option 'delete.'


From the web, you will first need to have Manager Permissions to access the settings menu. From here you will choose "Treatment Templates", this will bring up a list of your current templates for both fixed and non-fixed times. 

To delete a template from here simply click on the "x" at the end of the template line. You will then get a message to confirm you would like to delete:

To delete anesthetic templates, you can do this from the Preoperative page. 

Tap "Template" once the drop down menu of listed templates appears, swipe the name of the template to the left. Once "Delete" appears, "Delete" then you will be asked to confirm tap "Yes"