When a patient is on a CRI you have the ability to select the units per hour you would like given. We have been approached by multiple users that like to use ranges for CRI's. For instance, you have a patient on a Fentanyl CRI and you want them to be on a 2-5 mcg/kg/hr range. 

In order to properly show this on our flow sheets we recommend the following:

Add the Fentanyl to the patient, and input the dose at 2mcg/kg/hr. You enter the dose as the lowest number because you never want your patient below that rate.  Then, enter the dose range in the notes section for that medication (ie "Range for Fentanyl 2mcg/kg/hr - 5mcg/kg/hr.")  We then recommend that you change the colour of that item, so other users are prompted to check the notes section: