In each parameter on the flow sheet, users have the ability to write notes that will appear when users are entering a value. For instance, if you would like to have a pain scale added to the monitoring section of your treatment sheet, but you want to ensure your technicians are properly assessing the pain scale of your patient you may enter in any notes for how to properly assess this.

There is no character limit for the notes section so feel free to write as much as you would like. If you save the flow sheet with any notes made in this section as a template, the notes will always appear when the template is selected for future patients.

See the images below.

When users have selected to add notes or instructions in the note section of treatment, we recommend changing the color of that treatment to alert other users. For instance, if you have added Sulcrate to a patient, but only want it given if the patient has not vomited, simply follow the instructions above to enter in the notes for Sulcrate, but ensure that you change the color of the cell to red or another color of your preference. We recommend having a color scheme within your hospital so that all users know which colors mean specific things. 
If the cell is red, the user can simply tap on the item from the left-hand column (you do not need to be in editing mode), and the notes will appear.