To update the dose rates for patients with weight changes, firstly, you should re-weigh the patient and enter the updated weight value before adding the next 24hrs to the flow sheet, that way the software can start to use the most recent weight to calculate doses.

When starting a new day and updating the patient weight, the medication dose on the flow sheet will not automatically update. The reasoning behind this is because we don't want the fluctuation in dehydrated patients to be drastically changing the medications, but we also don't want doses to be changing without the clinician's acknowledgment. 

There is no option to update a patient weight from the flowsheet. The patient weight can be updated through patient info.

When you update the weight through the patient info by clicking "Done" a pop-up window will appear saying that "The weight has been changed. Would you like to update medication doses?"


If you click "Yes" and then click "Done" all medication dosages on the flowsheet will be automatically updated. 

Any new medications entered on the Flow sheets will reflect the updated weight of the patient. 

In order to approve any dose change for Anesthetic sheet if the patient's weight changed you must manually update medications currently on the Anesthetic sheet using the iPad:

- open the medication parameter on the Flow Sheet (on the iPad it will be in the 'Edit' mode)

- tap on the dosage window 

- delete current dosage and enter zero

- after the current dosage is re-set, enter the dosage again

- this will now update your total dose

- you can now save the changes

Also if you update the weight through the patient info the above principles also apply in case if the pop-up window will not alert you.

Please note: if you changed a patient weight and it updates doses on the previous flowsheet it is likely due to the fact that your clinic has set a specific time for all flowsheets to begin, and this change was made prior to that start time. For example, this clinic has all flowsheets set to begin at 8:00 AM:

Changing/updating weight that was done prior to 8:00 AM will affect the previous day's flowsheet because it is still the time that belongs to the previous day

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