If you use SmartFlow and Animana together, it is important to always send your patient from Animana to SmartFlow using the "SmartFlow +" button on the patient file:

At the end of the stay to return to Animana and discharge the patient using the "SmartFlow √" button. 

If a patient is discharged directly from the SmartFlow app, the patient will leave the whiteboard, but will still appear in Animana as checked into SmartFlow. There can be an issue the next time the patient arrives at your clinic and needs to be admitted to SmartFlow again. The button on the patient file will still say "SmartFlow √". If you press this button you may get an error message saying "Patient not found on this location".

If you have more than one location and SmartFlow account, please be sure you are in the correct location!

If you get this error, you need to restore the patient from the SmartFlow archive, and then you will be able to discharge them through the patient file in Animana. 

To restore the patient, please go to the archive in SmartFlow:

Find the patient in question. You can use the search bar at the top and enter patient name, client name, or patient ID number. Be sure that you have the latest hospitalisation record! Click the blue "Restore" button to send the patient back to the whiteboard.

Once your patient is restored fully, you will be able to discharge the patient through Animana, and the button will reset, allowing you to send the patient again.

We hope you found this information useful!