If you noticed the change in the prescribed fluid rate (e.g. it drop to the maintenance rate), the most likely reason for this is that you have changed the patient's weight. In this case, the Hourly fluid rate value will be recalculated based on the new weight and selected Sx rate. So that, if the selected Sx rate is 1.0x the fluid rate will drop to the recalculated Maintenance rate and will not consider your previous custom entrance:

Initial prescription

After the Patient weight change

To prevent this situation, we recommend using the Sx factor instead of entering a customer value for Maintenance rate or Hourly fluid rate:

Initial prescription

After the patient's weight change


Always check the fluid rate with each change in the patient's weight. We believe that each patient should be clinically assessed, and the appropriate professional should decide on fluid levels before starting a treatment.

We hope you found this information useful!