Sometimes you may notice that medication dose is calculated incorrectly or better to say with low accuracy. For example, you have a patient weighing 0.5 kg, and prescribing a medication 0.5 Buprenorphine with a dosage of 0.03mg/kg you expect this to be reflected in the Total dose field as 0.015mg and 0.03ml respectively. However, the calculated value in SmartFlow looks different:

This can be caused by a pre-determined accuracy of the calculation in your clinic, you may have set Decimal Places for Medications as 2 (please learn how to adjust the number of decimal places HERE):

From here, you can increase the calculation accuracy for each required category (e.g. set 3 for Medication):

After that, all the Medication parameters will be calculated more precisely, and you will see the expected value for the above example:

NOTE: If you do not want to change the calculation accuracy for the entire clinic, but still need to enter a more or less precise value for a particular parameter, just enter the desired value in the appropriate field and click Done:

SmartFlow respects your manual entries and saves them regardless of the preset Decimal Places settings.

We hope you found this information useful!