For your convenience, you can control the precision of the SmartFlow calculations from your account settings. Ask your Manager to set the number of Decimal Places you want to display for each category as described below. SmartFlow will respect these settings across all impacted areas including the Flowsheet, Anesthetic Sheet, PDF reports and the information we are sending to your integrated PIMS.

1. Login to your manager's SmartFlow web account > click account icon > Settings > General > and scroll down the page to Decimal Places:

2. From the drop-down menu, select the desired values, and that's it! From now on, the calculation results will be rounded according to your settings:

SmartFlow will respect your manual entries should you wish to be more or less precise. Just enter the desired value and SmartFlow saves it regardless of the preset Decimal Places settings.

Keep in mind that the maximum number of decimal places is 5. If you wish to be more precise than this you can always manually enter your own values.

We hope you found this information useful!