If your PIMS integration already supports Estimates transfer to SmartFlow (e.g. Cornerstone, AVImark, ImproMed), you can add treatment from Estimate not only to the patient's Flowsheet, but also to the Anesthetic Sheet. To do this please follow the below steps:

1. First, create an estimate in your PIMS. 

NOTE: Once it is created, the estimate is available to SmartFlow for 90 days. Thus, older estimates will not be shown in SmartFlow. Please ensure the estimate includes a valid expiry date when creating it inside of your PIMS otherwise it will not flow through to SmartFlow.

2. Now when you check the patient in, you'll see the banner telling you about recent estimates. This banner will be also presented on the patient's Anesthetic Sheet:

If you create an estimate after you check the patient in, from the Anesthetic Sheet go to the menu (...) and click Find Recent Estimate:

3. Click View Details on the banner or Find Recent Estimates to see what's in the Estimates:


NOTE: In this case, Acepromazine is are grayed out because it is not yet mapped in SmartFlow. Once the item is mapped, it becomes available. 

4. Select items that you want to add from the available ones and tap Add to Anesthetic:

NOTE: To avoid duplication of parameters, please do not select items that are already in the Anesthetic Sheet.

5. Then items appear on the Anesthetic Sheet:

NOTE: The items are in RED until you select the dosage/route for medications. 

You can use one list of Estimates, to add treatments to your Flowsheet and Anesthetic Sheet respectively. Moreover, the same treatment can be added to both Flowsheet and Anesthetic Sheet. This means that if you have already added e.g. Acepromazine from an Estimate to the patient's  Anesthetic Sheet, it is still available for the Flowsheet and vise versa: 

We hope you found this information useful!