Sometimes at patient admission, to save time, you can partially fill in the Patient Information, and then later add missing details. You can easily edit Patient Information at any time during the patient's stay from both web and iPad, please do this as follows:

From the web

1. Hover over the desired patient on the Whiteboard and click Edit Patient button:


Open the patient's Flowsheet and click on the Edit Patient in the right-hand side menu:

2. Then add or edit information, and click DONE:

From the iPad

1. Enter the editing mode while in the patient's Flowsheet:

2. Tap in anywhere inside the Patient Information area:


Open the menu (...) and tap on Edit Info:

3. Here you can: edit/add Quick Info, General, Patient, and Client information, fill the Problem listSwipe left or right to view the sections one by one, or click on the title to jump directly to the desired tab:

From here you can select the Whiteboard, take a patient's photo, choose the highlighting color to make patients from different departments visually distinguishableadd Critical note, etc. Add or edit information, and click Save in the upper-right color.

We hope you found this information useful!