You can quickly modify the patient's Anesthetic Sheet by adding treatments from any existing templates. All you need to do is create add-on Anesthetic Sheet templates with a list of specific parameters in the Monitoring / Agent / Fluid / Medication / Other sections according to the commonly used protocols that might complement the basic anesthesia. Then, using the Add Treatments you will be able to add all of these treatments, whenever necessary, to the appropriate sections of the Anesthetic Sheet (for example, learn how to create an Emergency template). 

To do this while on the patient's Anesthetic Sheet, using the arrows (<, >) find the right beginning time for additional treatments, and then enter Editing mode:


Tap options (...) button > Add Treatments:

In the pop-up window, find the required template (e.g. Add-on: Emergency) and press Add or Merge the template with the current one:

Similar to adding procedures to a Flowsheet:

  • Merge option - allows you to merge the parameters from the selected add-on template to the current Anesthetic Sheet without duplication of any parameters.

  • Add option - allows you to add the add-on template to the current Anesthetic Sheet exactly as it is, thus it can cause duplication of the parameters.

The Add Treatment option only adds new parameters to the current Anesthetic Sheet, without any other changes: highlighting, workflow, and notes will remain the same.

NOTE: Due to the characteristics of the Anesthetic Sheet, parameters highlighting and frequency cannot be saved on the template, so you need to adjust them for each patient individually. However, for your convenience, the highlighting color will be saved on the template, and once you highlight the desired cells, you will be able to distinguish between the initial parameters and those added from the add-on template. For example, the color selection for all parameters from the Add-on: Emergency template is purple:

After all changes, please exit Editing mode and return to anesthesia:

We hope you found this information useful!