To have vitals correctly synced and transferred between your PIMS/EMR and SmartFlow, it's crucial to set up everything prior due to the instructions below.

NOTE: If you are a Cornerstone user, please refer to THIS article for more details.

First of all, go to your Parameters Settings and find the needed item. You can easily filter the shown list to the Monitoring section and see what items are already there mapped or not. It's also possible to create a new one, but it would be better to work with existent parameters, so if they are currently on any templates, there would be no need to change them:

After you've found the needed parameter (for example, Pulse), please make sure the next things are set in the following way:

1. PIMS/EMR Events toggled to On.

2. Picker type is set to Vitals. In case you see it's set to Numeric, please be aware that this item won't transfer to PIMS. As soon as it's set/changed to Vitals, you will see the list of items sent from your PIMS/EMR and currently presented in your SmartFlow account as integrated:

NOTE: If the vital items you've created in PIMS don't appear in SmartFlow, it's crucial to resync them by pulling them manually from your PIMS/EMR account. 

This procedure works the same whether it's a drop-down or pre-typed Vitals Type fields, so you will always see a single line in Vitals Type, but it will have multiple lines on the flowsheet if it was created in that way. For example, Attitude will be shown as a single line in the Vitals Type list but will have a variety of options available to be entered into the cell once it's added to the Flowsheet.

As soon as everything's set up, click Update to save editing, and changes been made. In case you have this item used on any flowsheet, the system will ask you to confirm these changed to become applied there (all other matters regarding parameter editing you can find in How do I edit a parameter (medication concentration, procedure name, etc.)?):

Finally, you will see this item connected and synced with the PIMS/EMR what can be checked by the name of the Vitals shown in the corresponding column:

We hope you found this information useful!