The final step in setting up Animana - SmartFlow is the synchronization of inventory (Product Group and Combi Products) from Animana to SmartFlow. To do this, please:

1. Open your Animana account > click on the Settings button (with the gear wheel) > select General Settings:

2. Under the Settings list, open the SmartFlow tab, find the correct Location and click Sync button next to it:

3. Select the Product Groups and Combi Products that you would like to sync and click Sync to SmartFlow at the bottom of the page: 

NOTE: It is not possible to sync individual products. However, in the Sync Status section, you can see how many items were synced earlier. If you added any new items to your Product Group, please re-sync this entire Animana group to update your inventory in SmartFlow.

4. The confirmation message will show that the action is completed. Click on the Refresh button to update Sync Status section:


5. After the synchronization, please map the inventory in SmartFlow.

If you no longer need to have some Product Groups and/or Combi Products in your SmartFlow Parameters list, please follow THESE steps to remove them. 

We hope you found this information useful!