As you may already know, one of the latest SmartFlow releases included the ability to write Vital Signs into Cornerstone! There is now a specific connection for monitoring parameters executed in SmartFlow that then will be sent to your Cornerstone patient record (find out more at How Vitals executed in Smart Flow appearing in Cornerstone?).

Previously, practices had to choose between the SmartFlow and EMR system, where they wanted to enter the patient's vital sign information. As a result, there were many cases when the medical team would need to enter vital signs both in Cornerstone and in SmartFlow to ensure all medical records were accurate and complete. Now that this portion of the medical record is integrated, this eliminates the need to cross-reference both systems, duplicate entry, incomplete medical records, and potential missed charges!  

So, how it works

After creating Vital Signs in your Cornerstone account, they will be transferred to SmartFlow for further connection, and it's the moment when the setup begins. 

Please follow the instructions described in How to set up Vitals in SmartFlow? to make sure nothing is missed.

Different parameters could require additional set up steps to be fully integrated (for example, weight as it's described in How to set up Weight Vitals to be correctly synced with Cornerstone?).

NOTE: Any changes made in the Cornerstone system towards Vital Sign list, whether it's changing of Inactive status or new Vital item was added should be synchronized as described in THIS article. In case it wasn't done, the Vitals may not be presented in your SmartFlow account (you can find out more about the reasons for it HERE).

Usually, monitoring parameters are unbillable. Still, you can easily make them appear in the invoice by mapping with the corresponding Cornerstone item (please read How can I have a charge associated with a Vitals? for more details).

As soon as everything's set up, you can work with Vitals both from the Flowsheet and Anesthetic sheets (more about it you can find in How do vitals transfer from the SmartFlow Anesthetic Sheet to Cornerstone?). You can also enter values for any future vitals presented on the specific day/flowsheet before its actual execution and will have it shown in Cornerstone.

We hope you found this information useful!