As you already know, SmartFlow will save only one image per cell. If you add multiple photos or videos to one cell, they will be overwritten, so only the last one will be available in the records. If you need to save more photos, we recommend the following workflow:

1. Create a new parameter - Photo / Video (for this parameter we suggest to set: Default Section - Procedure, Picker Type - Initials, Billing or PIMS Event - OFF):

2. Add it to the patient Flowsheet or Anesthetic Sheet, and take photos/videos as usual (please find more details HERE):

NOTE: Add more details about the image using the Notes section.

All photos and videos will also be available from the SmartFlow web version. Please right-click the required cell to watch the content. In addition, all pictures will be shown in the Note reports and will be still available after the discharge (find more information HERE):

We hope you found this information useful!