Yes, a patient picture uploaded in Smart Flow is downloaded to the patient’s Files tab in Neo after the patient has been discharged in Smart Flow.

At first, you should
 take a photo of the patient via iPad. Once all the treatment completed, please discharge a patientas usual. Then go
 to Neo and search your patient on the Patients panel:


NOTE: If you see that the photo is still NOT updated, please refresh the page.

On the right side of the patient information you will see the picture that was added from the Smart Flow:

In the Files tab for the picture, you can see Smart Flow Patient Photo file, that came over from Smar Flow:

The file will have the following properties:

Title = Smart Flow Patient Photo

Category = Smart Flow

Filename = randomly generated name from AWS

NOTE: The Smart Flow patient picture will display as the Neo patient ID photo only if there is no existing one.

We hope you found this information useful!