The Checklist function gives you the ability to create a subtask list under each main Workflow task for your patient (please learn how to use Checklist HERE). This is a very useful tool that helps you to remember everything, as you cannot complete the main task until all the subtasks are completed. However, you can always shorten the list by removing any unnecessary subtasks.

From the web

Go to the patient's Workflow and click on the main task that you want to edit. Browse through the list and remove any unnecessary subtasks by clicking the minus icon next to its name:

To confirm your action, please press OK:

From the iPad

To make any changes, please tap pencil icon and enter the Editing Mode:

Then click on the main task to view the list. You are still able to delete subtasks one-by-one by clicking the minus icon next to its name:

Then confirm deletion:


From the iPad, it also possible to remove all the subtasks at once. For this, tap Delete all

And confirm:

To save changes, tap the floppy disk icon and exit Editing Mode. 

We hope you found this information useful