Yes, it will, if you want to update the weight for a patient inside Smart Flow, it will come back and make a record in Neo. Patient weights recorded in Smart Flow patient details will display in the Neo patient Weights tab after the patient has been discharged in Smart Flow. 

Please, follow the next steps to implement these actions:

At first, update the patient weight in Smart Flow by Edit Patient menu, it's available via both Web and iPad.

Update the weight (like 70 lbs in the example below) and click DONE:
The CAUTION message will pop-up to confirm weight changes, select YES:

Click on menu panel on the right side of the flowsheet and click Discharge Patient:

Select the Continue button:

Now the weight will be updated in the patient's record. So those forms, templates, and records, that we get over Neo going to catch the weight.

Go to Neo and search your patient on the Patients panel:

Select Weights section and there you may find the updated weight (70 lbs), which is specified with the time and date on the left side of the weight.

The weights recorded from Smart Flow will also display on the Neo patient weights tab as Smart Flow.

If the default weight unit in Smart Flow is different than the default weight unit in Neo, the weight and weight unit that is recorded in Smart Flow will be recorded in Neo without conversion.

NOTE: If you see that the weight is still NOT updated, please refresh the page.

It lets you know that this update came from Smart Flow staff:

We hope you found this information useful!