You have the ability to create technical patients on your Whiteboard, for example, "Wildlife Ward Check", "Daily Cleaning Room", "Isolation Ward Check", "Feline Ward" etc. If you would like to know more details about Smart Flow creative ways, please follow THIS article.

However technical patients should be discharged and re-admitted every 2 weeks to avoid the large number of flowsheets. 
Re-admitting a patient is the process of creating a new patient from the scratch and deleting an old one. The best way to make it could be possible via web, just follow the steps below:

Create temporary Whiteboard: go to Settings > Whiteboards > Add Whiteboard and name it (the name should be distinguishable from the others).

NOTE: This temporary Whiteboard will be deleted once all the patients are re-admitted.

2. Go back to All Whiteboard > and Search Patient that needs to be re-admitted by typing the name on the search line OR search the Patient manually looking through the list > then click on it to open the flowsheet:

3. Duplicate your Whiteboard tab: the 1st tab for Patient from above, the 2d one for the new fresh patient and split your screens into two windows.

How to split the screens?

Drag the first window to either side of the screen so it will snap into place showing a half screen window. Then drop the second tab to the other half of the screen OR use the keys on the keyboard for Windows users to snap to the right side (Win + ->) or the left side (Win + <-).

4. When you split the windows, please click on Edit patient on the 1st tab (for the original patient), and Add Patient on the other one like in the example below:

5. Now copy the following information from charged patient on the left side window and paste into the new field for the fresh patient on the right side window: Patient Name, Patient File Number, Weight (any number), Treatment Template:

 Click on Show More Information button and copy the rest fields from your charged patient:

  • Number of Flowsheets - always set to 1.
  • The name of Whiteboard should be that one, which you created on the 1st step from above.

  • Date and time (the time when Treatments begin). Don't change the date, set only the same time when treatments begin:

  • Color. Choose the same color for the Patient. If you should select not a default color, just click on Color Dropper > select it from the color scheme > click CHOOSE button:

NOTE: This is just an example of technical patient so the information that should be copied depends only on your patient. But there are some required fields marked with an asterisk that has to be filled as Name, Whiteboard and Treatment Template.

6. Before saving the new patient, please check if everything is correct > click on Done > open the both of windows' flowsheets:

7. Check the templates and make them identical. Please check if every parameter from the template on the left has the same information: Start at, Continue every, Critical Values, Billing, Instructions, and Highlighting color and click on Done to save all changes:

If there are missing parameters, please add them manually.

8. Make your flowsheet page the same as well by filling all necessary cells and add the instructions to them. Please, make sure that all the information of Treatment Template and Patient Information is identically as original one:

9. Only then, click on Edit Patient on the both of windows > change the Whiteboard of the newly created patient accordingly > click DONE to save. When new patient is admitted, please delete the original patient:

10. Now, your technical patient is re-admitted and discharged. When you re-admit all of the rest patients, please delete the temporary Whiteboard you created on the 1st step. 

We hope you found this information useful!