In your manager's Smart Flow web application, tap on the account icon > open Settings > Dispensing Machine:

Click the large Connect Dispensing Machine button:

Fill out the configuration window with the details provided by Cubex: Site Code, Identity, and Password. Be sure to specify your Timezone correctly (please find a list of timezones here). Switch the Send Profiles toggle to YES if you want Smart Flow to send medication profiles to Cubex when you highlight a medication or add it to an anesthetic sheet (if you don't want this option, please select NO). Check that all the fields are filled in correctly and click SAVE:

That's it! Now, you have your Cubex Dispensing Machine configured:

To check how it works, you can add a new patient to Smart Flow, then add a medication to that patient's flowsheet, highlight at the current hour and see if it appears correctly on your Cubex Cabinet!

We hope you found this information useful!