In your manager's Smart Flow web application, tap on the account icon > open Settings > Dispensing Machine:

Click the large Connect Dispensing Machine button:

Fill out the configuration window with the details provided by Cubex: Site Code (this will have an underscore), Identity (this will contain a hyphen)and Password (be very careful entering this especially if you copy-paste). 

Be sure to specify your Timezone correctly (please find a list of timezones here). Switch the Send Profiles toggle to YES if you want Smart Flow to send medication profiles to Cubex when you highlight a medication or add it to an anesthetic sheet (if you don't want this option, please select NO). Check that all the fields are filled in correctly and click SAVE:

That's it! Now, you have your Cubex Dispensing Machine configured:

*** VERY IMPORTANT ***  Customers that have Idexx Cornerstone Cloud OR Idexx Neo will need to reach out to SmartFlow support after the above steps are complete.  There is one additional step needed to facilitate the Cubex - SmartFlow integration.

To check how it works, you can add a new patient to Smart Flow, then add a medication to that patient's flowsheet, highlight at the current hour and see if it appears correctly on your Cubex Cabinet!

We hope you found this information useful!